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                  Social welfare

                  Hehe Love Yangyang Fund (Where we put the flag, we will help where...)

                  We are convinced that "Knowledge changes fate."

                  The children in the village are as talented as the children in the city. In addition to getting words and deeds from schools and teachers, if they can cultivate their enthusiasm for reading and provide them with sufficient books, they will be able to help them transcend environmental constraints, broaden their horizons and enlighten them. Thinking, thus having a rich and powerful mind. However, due to economic and natural constraints, it is difficult for rural schools and families to pay for extracurricular readings. An extracurricular reading is a must-have for the children in the city on the road to growth. As they grow older, they will naturally get a fairy tale book and a collection of stories. In the country, an extracurricular reading is expected for children. And a reading tutorial is even more difficult to reach. The children in the country are unfamiliar with the concept of reading, and can't even distinguish the difference between extracurricular books and instruments. They also do not have the ability to read. In this information age, those who do not understand knowledge will not be able to leave their villages.
                  May, send them a book and everything will change.

                  Hehe Love Sunshine Fund grants:

                  Funded by: Rural Primary School in the Radiation Area of Hehe Group

                  Poor primary school students in the radiation area of Hehe Group

                  Old clothes donation

                  The weather is cold, and the footsteps of the cold wind are gradually coming into us. Every year at this time, I believe that many of my family members have begun to sort out the clothes of previous years and buy autumn and winter clothes. At the same time, when we were sorting out our clothes, we found that many outdated and unfitted clothes were placed on the bottom of the box. We haven’t touched it for a long time. See how many clothes that are not good in style and no longer bright colors are always “no day”, but they are abandoned. Reluctantly, "pressing the bottom of the cabinet" seriously occupied the space of the closet. However, in some poor places, poor people are worried about how to survive this difficult day. Some of them wear vests made of woven bags, and they put their sheep in the snow with bare feet; some worry about who wears the only unpicked trousers in the house; some even squat in a bed in the winter. The quilt is warmed up. Those who are frozen in the biting cold wind, the ankles exposed in the snow, the cracked lips, the hands and feet covered with frostbite will also hurt your soul...

                  The Hehe Group is actively helping families and children who have difficulties in life, so that they can tide over the difficulties and feel the love and gentleness. In this loving October, we organize the donation activities of the old clothes, which are “the old clothes and the blessings”. The call and family members and the harmonious customers gave a love, donated some old clothes, and sent them a warm and intimate warmth. Extend your love hand, maybe your hands can win their infinite cheers and hopes!

                  Maybe we can only do a little bit, even trivial, but with your pair of old gloves, they may not be cold in winter, adding new brilliance to these old clothes with our love. I hope that everyone will act and do our best to help some people we can help.

                  Martyrs condolences

                  Heroic martyrs have given precious lives to the country and the people. Perhaps time passes and the past is in the wind, but we cannot forget them. In order to deeply cherish the sacrifice of heroes and heroes for the country and vigorously promote the spirit of patriotism, the Hehe Group sent condolences to the families of the martyrs and extended high respects and cordial greetings to them.

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                  Support Hotline:4008868113
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